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“Love Song for Illusion” have been released



🌟 Exciting new stills from the upcoming webtoon-based drama “Love Song for Illusion” have been released, featuring Park Ji Hoon and Hong Ye Ji!

This historical fantasy romance unveils a captivating narrative of love and intense obsession. Park Ji Hoon masterfully embodies Crown Prince Sajo Hyun and his alter ego, Ak Hee. Concealing his royal identity, Sajo Hyun, endowed with beauty and intelligence, leads a dual life as a fashion designer, haunted by past wounds inflicted by his oppressive father, Sajo Seung.

Hong Ye Ji takes on the role of Yeon Wol, navigating a complex life journey from assassin to concubine. Descendant of the fallen Yeon Dynasty and determined to avenge her family, Yeon Wol assumes the identity of assassin Gye Ra, unknowingly intertwining her fate with the crown prince.

The newly revealed stills capture Yeon Wol and Sajo Hyun amidst a bamboo forest, veiled and masked, adding an air of mystery to their characters. “Love Song for Illusion” , premiering in January 2024, promises an enthralling adaptation of the popular webtoon. Stay tuned for this captivating saga! 🎬✨

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Don’t miss Park Ji Hoon and Hong Ye Ji in “Love Song for Illusion”,  a webtoon-based historical fantasy. Ji Hoon’s dual role as Crown Prince Sajo Hyun and Ak Hee intertwines with Ye Ji’s journey from assassin to concubine. Premieres January 2024! 🎬✨ 

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